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ATHENA Eyeshadow Palette

Say hello to our first ever eyeshadow palette, ATHENA. Inspired by the daughter of Zeus, the goddess of wisdom and courage, this collection features sandy nudes and firey warm hues can enhance the goddess in you.

From peachy, playful sun-kissed look to bold, earthy creations, the ATHENA palette features 4 rich, matte shades and 5 satin, shimmer shades that will surely become your go-to makeup.

Featuring LARITZY's blend of velvety, highly pigmented formula that easily glides on the skin, the Athena palette is infused with the the brand's signature staying power.

Discover the many looks you can create with Atlas, Calypso, Ares and other shades in the ATHENA palette. Here are some of our favorite creations.

Get your Athena Eyeshadow Palette ($48) here 

Rosy and Shimmery

Sun-kissed, peachy look that enhances big, bold eyes.


For the best results with the colors, we recommend applying a primer to the eyelids before you begin. Depending on how colorful and sharp you want your look to be, you can also dip your brushes in water before applying eye shadow to them. That way there will be more bright colors!


STEP 1: Start by applying “Hero” and “Justice” with your blending brush on the eyelid and in the glossy line. Here you get the depth from "Hero" and shine from "Justice"

STEP 2: Put the same mixture under the eye with a thin eyeshadow brush.

STEP 3: Now place "Fate" under the eyebrow with the thin brush to highlight the depth of the globe line.

STEP 4: Use the same brush, retain the "fate" color of the brush and apply a thin layer at the eye hook to open the eye.

STEP 5: Now blend the eyeshadow you have applied so that you do not get sharp edges. In this way you get a more fluid and soft expression.


C-Shaped Ares Highlight

Playful party look that blends down the cheekbones as rosy blush.


STEP 1: Start by applying the discreet “Atlas” to the entire eyelid with your blending brush. This will provide a matte and more uniform bottom.

STEP 2: Apply “Ares” upstairs to get depth and texture.

STEP 3: Now mix "Ares" and "Goddess" and use the color as a highlighter along the cheekbone.

STEP 4: Connect your highlighter up to the eyeshadow to get a c-shape along the edge of the face - et voilà, you are ready to shine that party!


Nude Calypso Nights

Neutral, earthy tones perfect for every day wear.


STEP 1: Start by applying “Calypso” with your blending brush all over the eyelid as a base.

STEP 2: Then use “Nox” in the global line, but focus only on the outer edge of the line rather than inside the eye hook.

STEP 3: Now place "Odyssey" on the center of the eyelid to highlight the eye.

STEP 4: Use a thin eyeshadow brush and apply “Fate” to the eye hook to make the eye look bigger.

Check out the looks served by other #LARITZYBABES using ATHENA. Get yours now and tag us on your photos.



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